Republic of Cyprus
Consulate General of the Republic of Cyprus in St. Petersburg

Required Documents

    A. Documents to be submitted by ALL APPLICANTS

      1. One visa application form completed and signed by the applicant (or by his/her guardian in case of minor) along with two passport-size photographs 35X45mm (VISA PHOTO REQUIREMENTS).

      2. A valid travel document (international/diplomatic/service passport or other) valid for at least three months after the intended date of departure from Cyprus and containing at least two blank pages.

      3. Documents of proof of sufficient means of subsistence (bank statement, traveller cheques, confirmed payment of entire trip, document of sponsorship and proof of employment with salary information, for the duration of the intended stay in Cyprus.

      4. Copies of visas issued by the Republic of Cyprus, Schengen countries, as well as by Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia over the last (3) three years (if applicable).

      5. Travel medical insurance with a minimum coverage of medical costs for at least 30,000 EUR. Insurance should cover any expenses which might arise in connection with emergency medical care and/or hospital treatment, repatriation for medical reasons or death. The insurance coverage area must include the Republic of Cyprus. The insurance must cover the entire period of stay in the Republic of Cyprus. Applicants who apply for a double or multiple-stay visa will need also to sign a document stating that they are informed of the necessity to hold a travel medical insurance for their future trips.

    B. Supplementary documents to be submitted on the PURPOSE OF STAY

      1. For tourism

      In the case of close relatives visiting citizens residing legally in Cyprus, a letter of Assumption of Responsibility should be completed by the host. The signature of the host should be certified by a certifying officer. Also, a copy of the passport or the identity of the host. In case the host is a foreigner, a proof of the legal residence of the host person.

      In case the applicant is a property owner in Cyprus, a relevant national document (copy of the purchase contract/deed of sale etc.) proving that the applicant possesses the property in question. The applicant should be in a position to present originals.

      Citizens visiting Cyprus for private/tourism purposes should submit one document relating to accommodation (invitation from the host if staying with one, document from the establishment providing accommodation) and one document relating to itinerary.

      2. For business/official delegations

      In case of applicants members of official delegations, a letter issued by a competent Russian authority confirming that the applicant is a member of its delegation travelling to Cyprus and copy of the official invitation.

      In case of business people and participants in scientific and other activities, a written request from a host authority to attend meetings, conferences and other events connected with the capacity of the applicant.

      The minimum screening period is five (5) working days.

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