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According to the Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Cyprus, dated 12/02/2021, which is currently in force, entry into the Republic from Category C countries (including the Russian Federation) is allowed only for the following categories of citizens:

    1. Cypriot citizens residing in the Republic, their alien spouses and minor children;

    2. all persons residing legally in the Republic;

    3. persons, regardless of nationality, whose presence in the Republic, due to their professional or scientific capacity, is approved by the competent medical body to reinforce the efforts against COVID-19;

    4. patients, regardless of nationality, who received treatment by an approved private or public hospital/medical centre in the Republic and it is appropriate to continue such treatment; and

    5. first-degree relatives of persons residing in the Republic and/or who are doing business in the Republic (spouse, children, parents) for reunion purposes.

Please note persons designated in point (5) must apply for a special permission through the platform CyprusFlightPass:

ΑΤΤΕΝΤΙΟΝ! A special entry permit is not an entry visa! Third country nationals, who need an Entry Visa or other consular services should apply to the Consulate General making an appointment by phone (+7812)4562255, (+357)22651517 or email during normal working hours.

Note also that ALL PERSONS, regardless of their country of departure are obliged to register electronically and within 24 hours before the commencement of their trip through the platform and have the CyprusFlightPass prior to boarding.

Also, the passenger of the above-mentioned categories may, either have a negative molecular COVID-19 test performed 72 hours before departure and present the relevant proof (in English), or be tested upon arrival in the Republic at his/her own expenses and should be self-isolated.

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