Republic of Cyprus
Consulate General of the Republic of Cyprus in St. Petersburg

General Information

The Consulate General offers a wide range of consular services to the public, as well as consular support and assistance to citizens of Cyprus who find themselves in the area of its consular jurisdiction (visit the section “Services to Cypriot citizens” for more detailed information on this latter category).

Consular services offered include the following (this list is not exhaustive):

Certification of authenticity of signature
The signature must be placed on the document before an officer of the Consulate General. Please note that the person signing the document must produce proof of his/her identity (passport/ driving license/identity card).

Certification of a document as a true copy
The original document needs to be brought along for inspection.

Provisional registration of a ship under Cyprus flag
Upon instructions from the Cyprus Merchant Shipping Department, the Consulate General may issue a Certificate of Provisional Registration for a seafaring vessel. In this case the relevant fee is prepaid by the owners of the vessel (or their agents) in Cyprus, at the Merchant Shipping Department.

For further information on any consular service or for assistance, it is advisable to call before visiting the Consulate General.

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