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- Προεδρικές εκλογές 2023 - Εκλογικά κέντρα εξωτερικού
- 12/3/2021-NEMITSAS Prize 2021 for medical sciences to scientists of Cypriot Origin
- PRESS RELEASE: The Hague-2 June 2018: Exhibition "Where have you been?" by Toula Liasi, dedicated to the Missing Persons in Cyprus, opened by H.E. Ambassador Elpidoforos Economou
- Exhibition "Where Have You Been?" by Toula Liasi, dedicated to the missing persons of Cyprus, 2-11 June 2018, ANNA@KV2 venue, The Hague
- Presidential Elections 2018: Registration to elections centers abroad

Dear Visitor,
We welcome you to the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in The Hague. The Ambassador is accredited to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The purpose of our website is to provide information on the political, economic, cultural, and social life of Cyprus and on the services which the embassy provides to the public of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, whether it be general, travel regulations, visa requirements, etc., as well as to our own citizens.
The website is accordingly composed of various sections regarding for instance our Foreign Policy, the Cyprus problem and its various aspects as well as the efforts aimed for its solution, the E.U. affairs, tourism and consular matters. It also provides useful links to websites of the government and to other relevant sites. Our latest news section is updated weekly to provide you with information on the latest developments in Cyprus.
We hope you find our website useful and that it will also give you a glimpse of Cyprus, an island country in the eastern Mediterranean, which is steeped in history and legend and will further your interest in our country.
All of us at the Embassy remain at your service and would welcome your comments on our website which is designed to meet your needs and interests.

Yours Faithfully,

Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus