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Other Consular Services


The Embassy’s Consular Section offers a wide range of consular services to the public, as well as consular support and assistance specifically to Cypriots based in Denmark or Iceland.

Consular services offered include the following (the list is not exhaustive):

Certification of authenticity of signature: The signature must be placed on the document before a consular officer of the Embassy. Please note that the person signing the document must provide proof of his/her identity (passport/ driving license/identity card). The fee for this service is 64 DKK per certification.


Apart from the services listed above, the following services are offered specifically to Cypriot nationals residing in Denmark or Iceland:

Issuing of a Passport and Identity Card

Following the introduction recently of new, biometric type passports and identity cards of the Republic, this service is currently available only from select Missions of Cyprus abroad, with the closest being the Embassies of the Republic of Cyprus in Berlin, Germany and Stockholm, Sweden. Therefore, Cypriot nationals wishing to apply for a new-replacement passport/identity card need to contact the Embassies above or one of the District Administration Offices in Cyprus ( to make the necessary arrangements.

Issuing of a temporary Travel Document

This service is available to individuals who are not in possession of a valid passport and need to travel abroad urgently.

Procedure: An application is submitted to the Embassy on form M.9 (along with supporting documentation) and the Travel Document is issued locally, by the Embassy.
Fee: 150 DKK – payable upon submittal of the application.
Time needed: Issued during one working day.

Registering a child as a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus (Issuing of a Consular Birth Certificate)

This service is available in cases where a child is born either in Denmark or in Iceland to at least one Cypriot parent (both parents' consent is required).

Procedure: An application needs to be submitted on form M.121, along with the necessary documentation in support. This will then be forwarded by the Embassy to the competent department of the Ministry of Interior, in order for the child to be registered as a Cypriot citizen and for the Birth Certificate to be issued accordingly. This will then be sent to the Embassy for delivery to the applicant.
Fee: 214 DKK – payable upon submittal of the application.
Time needed: Anything between three and four months (from submittal of the application until the Birth Certificate is delivered)

Financial assistance

In cases of emergency, Cypriots finding themselves in Denmark or Iceland may apply to receive a sum of money from the Embassy to cover their urgent needs, provided that a family member or friend of theirs in Cyprus visits the Accounts Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nicosia and deposits the equivalent amount to their credit.

For more information regarding any of the services listed above, or indeed any other form of consular service/assistance (as this list above is by no means exhaustive), feel free to contact the Embassy. If you intend to visit us for consular business, we strongly recommend that you get in touchwith us in advance to arrange a meeting. This allows us to ensure that you will receive a faster and more efficient service.

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