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Bilateral Relations

The year 2017 marks the 57th anniversary of the Diplomatic Relations between Cyprus and Romania. The existing level of relations between the two countries is described as friendly and well- established and is reinforced by their cooperation within the EU. Cyprus is the 4th largest foreign investor in Romania.

Over the 57 years of diplomatic relations, relations that are marked by a distinct absence of conflict, the state relations of the two countries have developed steadily and through an array of bilateral agreements testify and regulate today the excellent state of relations and cooperation that exists between Cyprus and Romania.

The relations between Cypriots and Romanians go back for many centuries mutually enriching both our cultures. This is testified by the many Cypriot students who chose over the years to study in Romanian universities, the constant exchanges between clergy of the two countries and the many Romanians who chose Cyprus as their home. More and more Romanians nowdays chose Cyprus as their holiday destination.

The existence of a large number of Romanian communities in Cyprus, that continue to grow, determines the stable and positive development of Cyprus- Romanian relations. The bonds of friendship between the two peoples have been forged over many centuries of interaction between them.

As partners in the European Union, Cyprus and Romania have common interests and share a common vision. That is why Cyprus had strongly supported Romania’s accession to the EU, currently supports Romania’s accession to Schengen and looks forward to a successful Presidency of the European Council when Romania takes the mantle in 2019.

We salute the level of friendly relations that exist between Cyprus and Romania which are continually enhanced.

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