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The climate and the natural beauties of Cyprus, as well as its archaeological richness and the traditional hospitality of its people, make the island an ideal holiday destination. Since the independence of the Republic of Cyprus in 1960, the Government has given high priority to the development of the tourism industry.

With the exception of the negative effects of the Turkish invasion in 1974, the development of tourism in Cyprus was continuous and rapid, with the sector now one of the main sectors of the economy. The Turkish invasion caused a serious blow to the tourism industry, with the loss of Nicosia International Airport and 65% of the island's total bed capacity in the two main tourist areas of Famagusta and Kyrenia, a total of about 12,353 beds. As a result of the invasion, tourist arrivals were down sharply with only 47,085 tourists visiting the island in 1975, compared with 264,066 in 1973.

However, through the serious efforts made by both the government and the private sector, the tourism industry has been revitalized, thus restoring Cyprus's position on the world tourist map. Until 1979 arrivals of tourists exceeded pre-invasive levels and in 1999 the influx of tourists reached 2,434,285.

Cyprus Tourism Organization

The Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO) was established in 1969 by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus. The purpose of the CTO, in accordance with the law, is to organize and promote tourism in Cyprus using all the possibilities and resources available.

The CTO provides assistance to professional bodies, companies and individuals interested in tourism in Cyprus. However, as a semi-governmental and non-profit organization, it does not perform the functions of a travel agent.

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