Republic of Cyprus

Travel Information for Cypriot Nationals

Country : Madagascar

Travel Advice : Caution

Details : The current plague season is predicted to continue until April 2018 and further outbreaks cannot be ruled out. Citizens of the Republic of Cyprus who are permanent residents or intend to visit Madagascar are advised to follow news reports and any health related announcements of the World Health Organization for the country. The citizens are also encouraged to take the appropriate preventative measures.

Contact Details : In case of emergency, Cypriot citizens can contact the following numbers and/or register with the system of voluntary registration for Cypriots abroad at

The Duty Officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA):
Tel. + 357 99660129

The Crisis Management Department at the MFA
Tel. +357 22801000

The Consular Affairs Department at the MFA
Tel. +35 7 22651113

Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in South Africa:
375 Marais street
0181, Brooklyn
South Africa
Τel.: + 27 123 463 298
Fax: + 27 123 400 024

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