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Republic of Cyprus - Presidential elections 2018

Possibility of setting up polling stations in the Federal Republic of Germany

In view of the presidential elections to be held on 28 January 2018 and the possible second round which is scheduled for 4 February 2018, the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Berlin informs the Cypriot citizens residing in Germany of the possibility of establishment of two polling stations, one at the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Berlin and one at the Consulate General in Hamburg. A prerequisite for the establishment of the polling stations is the expression of interest from at least 50 registered voters for each polling station.

We therefore ask the Cypriot citizens who are registered in the electoral roll of the Republic of Cyprus and are interested in exercising their right to vote in one of the above-mentioned possible polling stations, to inform the Embassy accordingly by filling out the relevant form (see link below) and sending it by post to the following address:

Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus, Kurfürstendamm 182, 10707 Berlin

Alternatively, the application forms can be sent by e-mail to the following address: or by fax to (030) 27 59 14 54.

It should be underlined that, no additional polling stations will be set-up other than Berlin and Hamburg. Therefore, the interested voters should choose one of these two polling stations to exercise their right to vote.

The applications should be submitted to the Embassy by 18 December 2017. Applications received after this date will not be considered.

Application Form

The applications can also be submitted directly to the Central Elections Service through the following Link:










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