Republic of Cyprus

Travel Information for Cypriot Nationals

General Advice to Cypriot Travelers - Minor travelers

According to Regulation 444/2009 of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, itis mandatory since 26 June 2012 for any EU citizen to hold an individual passport / travel document in order to travel to any other EU member State, regardless of age.
    It is noted that the above regulation does not exclude the use of identity card as travel document for journeys towards EU member States, provided it bears the holder’s photo.
      Cypriot citizens are kindly reminded that, from 23/07/2010 onwards, with the launch of the new biometric passports, children are no longer included in their parents’ passports, as individual passports are also issued to minors regardless of their age.
        Old “type E” passports are still valid until their expiring date, even in case they include minors. However, they are valid only for the parent/holder of the passport and not for the dependent(s). Children included in their parents’ passports are required to hold their own individual passport since 26/06/2012.
        Minors must be accompanied at the airport, during passport control and customs procedures, by their parents or any authorized person, who will remain with them until flight departure. Furthermore, there must be a person authorized by the parents to receive the minors at the destination airport.
        Parents are responsible for receiving all necessary documents and information regarding the minor’s trip from their tourist agent or airline. All minors exiting Cyprus unaccompanied by both parents or legal guardian, are required to hold legal authorisation issued by the absent parent or legal guardian during border control check .
        For further information on the issuance of passports, persons interested may contact the Civil Registry and Migration Department (tel.: 22804526, 22804527, fax: 22804534) or the local Citizen Service Centre.

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