Republic of Cyprus

Travel Information for Cypriot Nationals

General Advice to Cypriot Travelers - General Advice to Cypriot Travelers (what to avoid in order to ensure their safety – Destination research/Local particularities)

    1. Cypriot travelers should keep copy of their passport and identity card (in electronic format), passport photos, as well as of their travel insurance contract, credit cards and of other official or significant documents. Travelers are advised to keep a copy of their passport separately from the original, as well as a copy with a family member in Cyprus.
    2. They should make sure that their passport’s validity extends to 6 months beyond the completion of their journey.
    3. They must be aware of the penalties imposed for drug possession, ranging from heavy forfeits to long imprisonment and even death penalty in some countries.
    4. They are advised to store in such a way personal belongings, as well as any goods that might need to be declared at the Customs Services, in order to facilitate the customs and security check at the airport.
    5. They should not carry goods or anything else belonging to third persons.
    6. They should not provide false or misleading information to the Customs Service or to the Police. Providing false or misleading information is heavily sanctioned.
    7. They must not infringe upon the law and order of the visiting country. The possibility of intervention by the Authorities of the Republic of Cyprus is limited.
    8. If their belongings have been lost or stolen, they need to report it immediately to the local Police. They are advised to keep a copy of the Police report as proof of the incident.

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