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The Republic of Cyprus condemns the illegal Turkish invasion in Afrin in north-western Syria. 22 January 2018

The Republic of Cyprus strongly condemns the illegal Turkish invasion in Afrin in north-western Syria, codenamed operation “Olive Branch”.

Contrary to what its name suggests, there is nothing peaceful in the Turkish military operation; using various pretexts, including the protection of Turkmens, it only aims at enforcing Ankara’s geopolitical agenda in the region through military force.

Cyprus, also a victim of Ankara’s military aggression since 1974, when the Turkish army invaded the island under the guise of protecting Turkish Cypriots and still occupies one third of its territory, in contravention of the UN Charter and international law, stresses the need to respect the territorial integrity, unity, independence and sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic.

The Syrian crisis cannot be resolved by military means. Only a Syrian-led political solution, in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 2254 and in the framework of the Geneva process, will ensure peace, security and stability in Syria, without any occupation forces.

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