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Mr. Leonidas S. Markides was born in Nicosia, Cyprus on 4 May 1954. He studied public law and political science at the University of Athens, Greece and subsequently pursued postgraduate studies in international relations at the University of Aix-Marseilles in France.

Mr. Markides joined the Cyprus Foreign Service in 1981 and served at the Political Affairs Division of the Foreign Ministry in Nicosia until January 1984. He was then posted to the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Washington D.C., United States of America, where he served as First Secretary until 1989. Upon his return to Cyprus, he was assigned to the Political Division B´ at the Foreign Ministry with special responsibilities regarding the Cyprus Problem. In 1993, Mr. Markides was reassigned to the Embassy of Cyprus in Washington D.C. where he served as First Counselor and Deputy Chief of Mission until August 1996. For the next three years and until April 1999, he was First Counselor at the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in France.

In April 1999, he was appointed as the first resident – Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus to Finland, with concurrent accreditation to Estonia. Upon completion of his term, in early January 2002, Mr. Markides returned to Nicosia where served as Director of the Political Affairs Division – Multilateral Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs until the end of 2003.

From January 2004 until January 2008, Mr. Markides was the Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus to the Federal Republic of Germany with concurrent accreditation to the Ukraine. Between 2008 and 2011, he was the Director of the Division of European Union and Economic Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was also appointed as Coordinator for the preparation of the Foreign Ministry for the 2012 Cyprus Presidency of the EU Council.

On 1 February 2011, he was appointed as Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus to Italy, with parallel accreditation to the Republic of Malta and to the Republic of San Marino. Upon his return to Nicosia, in January 2015, Mr. Markides was appointed as director of the Service for Overseas and Repatriated Cypriots of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As from June 15, 2017, he is the Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus to the Russian Federation. In addition to the Russian Federation, Ambassador Markides is also accredited as non-resident Ambassador to Armenia Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadzhikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Mr. Markides has represented Cyprus in many international conferences and meetings. He is fluent in Greek, English, and French and has good knowledge of Spanish, German and Italian.

Mr. Markides is married and has one son.


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