Republic of Cyprus
Consulate General of the Republic of Cyprus in Yekaterinburg


Instructions of applying for Pro-Visa

The passport should not expire in less than 6 months
from the date of the application

First step – Filling in an application form:

1. Please fill in the application form with Latin letters in accordance with the data of passport;
2. In the field “Sex” respectively indicate: F - female, M - male;
3. “Date of birth” field please fill in a dd/mm/yy format (example: 03/11/1986);
4. In the field “Current Occupation” please indicate a company’s name, address and telephone;
5. Please fill in “Passport number” without spaces and any other symbols except figures;
6. Please specify a full address of residence in Cyprus in the application form.
7. If You are traveling with a child, included in Your passport, then please fill in a separate application form for a child and indicate Your passport number there.

Second step – Saving Application Form:

8. Please save application file in doc/docx format (Microsoft Word).
9. The title of the document has to specify name and surname of the applicant;

Third step - Sending Application:

10. Each individual application has to be attached to a single e-mail;
11. Please indicate in e-mail’s subject a number of passport and Last Name and first name of the applicant in Latin letters as it appears on the passport;
12. If You are traveling with a child, included in Your passport, then please make a mark “CHILD” in e-mail’s subject to which his/her application is attached;
13. Please send e-mail to:

Forth step – Receiving Pro-Visa:

14. During the working day after the submission of the application you get Pro-Visa/reply to your mailing address;
15. Please print this document out and have it with you when arriving at a Cyprus airport. This is your permission to enter the territory of the Republic of Cyprus;
16. Validity period of a Pro-Visa means the period of time during which you can enter the territory of the Republic of Cyprus;
17. Please keep Pro-Visa till the end of your trip.

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