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Consulate General of the Republic of Cyprus in Yekaterinburg

Registration of Travel Agencies

Registration of Travel Agencies

According to the European legislature as a general rule applicants need to visit the Consulate General and submit their application for visa in person.

Also on the basis of the EU Visa Code Consulate General has the right to accept applications for tourist visas submitted through travel agencies previously accredited/ registered at the Consulate General, provided that a tourist purchases a full package of travel services from this tourist agency.

General Information

Consulate General of the Republic of Cyprus cooperates with accredited commercial intermediaries, on the basis of Article 45 of the EU Visa Code. The accreditation/registration is based on the verification of the following aspects:

(a) the current status of the commercial intermediary: current license, the commercial register, contracts with banks;
(b) existing contracts with commercial partners based in the Member States offering accommodation and other package tour services;
(c) contracts with transport companies, which must include an outward journey, as well as a guaranteed and fixed return journey.

Registration is free of charge and is valid until the end of January of the year following the year in which it was obtained. In other words, it needs to be renewed on annual basis.

Only Travel Agencies with physical presence in the consular district of the Consulate General may apply for registration.

How To apply for Registration

Travel Agencies wishing to be registered need to submit:

1) a duly completed, signed and stamped application form for registration;
2) a notarised copy of Certification of incorporation into the common federal registrar;
3) copies of the contracts, concluded between the travel agency and travel organizations of Cyprus (hotels, travel agencies) When submitting documents please be in a possession to present the original contracts.
4) copies of the contracts, concluded between the travel agency and air carriers having direct flights to Cyprus. When submitting documents please be in a position to present the original contracts.
Please note that the application must be filled in electronically (handwritten applications will not be accepted).

You may find below the application form as well as the list of the accredited tourist operators

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(Μέγεθος Αρχείου: 59,67Kb)

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