Republic of Cyprus
Embassy of The Republic of Cyprus in Moscow

General Advice for Russian Visitors to Cyprus

Entry conditions to the Republic of Cyprus

• Valid passport for at least three (3) months at the time of departure from the Republic of Cyprus

• Duration of stay cannot exceed 90 days in any 180 days period

• Any form of employment is prohibited

• Upon request at the points of entry, travelers shall be able to present the following documents:

- sufficient financial means during the whole period of stay

- hotel / apartment reservation or invitation from a host

- return ticket

• Persons intending to stay in the occupied territories of the Republic of Cyprus in properties owned by Greek Cypriot refugees, including hotels, may have legal consequences

• Travelers entering the Republic of Cyprus through the illegally operating airports and ports in the occupied areas violate the national legislation of the Republic of Cyprus

Important note: possession of a national, a Schengen visa or a pro-visa does not automatically grant the right to enter the Republic of Cyprus. The competent authorities at the points of entry reserve the right to refuse entry to persons not considered bona fide visitors or are considered to be a security threat.


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