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Vacancy at the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus, Dublin

Driver / Messenger

The Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Dublin has a vacancy for a Driver / Messenger. This is a
full- time position, subject to a probationary period, and the successful candidate should be available
to begin work on 1/06/2024.
Position Description:
The role includes the following:
 Official driver for Ambassador for all official Embassy engagements.
 Responsibility for maintenance of official vehicle.
 Updating the vehicle’s logbook on a daily basis.
 Messenger duties and running errands for Embassy, including flag hoisting.
 Assisting with maintenance issues at Residence and Chancery when required.
Skills required:
 Legal right to live and work in Ireland.
 Garda Vetting.
 Excellent proven driving skills.
 Fluent spoken and written English essential. Knowledge of Greek would be considered to be
extra advantage but not required.
 A strong work ethic, drive and commitment to the role. Discretion is essential.
 Excellent professional interpersonal skills and ability to work within a team.
Additional Information:
The position will be full-time and will require regular out of hours work in evenings / at weekends. In
addition to the core salary, a fixed monthly allowance to compensate for out of hours work is offered.
Monthly salary offered is 2,309.88€.
To Apply:
Interested candidates should forward a CV and a short cover letter, including the contact details of
two referees, by email to: dublinembassy@mfa.gov.cy (subject: Driver/Messenger). Parties may
alternatively send their submissions by post to: Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus, 14 Fitzwilliam
Place, Dublin 2, D02 W025. The closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 12 April 2024.
The Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus is an equal opportunities employer.


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