Republic of Cyprus
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Studying in Cyprus - Foreign Students

Procedures regulating the entry of foreign students into the Republic of Cyprus for educational purposes

The Civil Archive and Migration Department of the Ministry of Interior is the competent authority in Cyprus for issuing entry permits and residence permits to foreign students.

Student permits are only granted for study in private institutions which offer higher education and which are registered with the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Pupil permits (primary and secondary education) are granted for study at registered institutions of primary and secondary education.

The relevant applications may be submitted to the Director of the Civil Archive and Migration Department by the respective educational institutions. The course of study for foreign nationals is organized into academic years and is governed by the regulations determined by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The entry of foreign students into Cyprus, and their stay and vocational training, both lie under the jurisdiction of the Director of the Civil Archive and Migration Department. Every student must be in possession of the relevant permit, as issued by the aforesaid Department.

The aforementioned permit is always issued for a specific educational institution and in case of its change, the foreign student must apply for a new residence permit.

Furthermore, the applicant must be in possession of at least $4,000-$6,000 (depending on the higher institution) upon arrival in order to be allowed to enter Cyprus. Members of their families are usually not allowed to stay with them during their residence in Cyprus.

The pursuit of studies is mandatory and applies only to the academic programmes and study schemes approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Moreover, the holder of a student permit is not allowed to work.

For more information contact the Civil Archive and Migration Department (tel.: +357-22-403933/4/5, fax: +357-22-403948)

The links below contain information regarding the Educational System and the choices for Studying in Cyprus:

* IMPORTANT NOTE: The so-called "universities" operating in the area of the Republic of Cyprus, which remains under Turkish military occupation since 1974, do not comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Cyprus relating to High and Higher education. Therefore, these establishments and their "degrees" are not recognized by the Republic of Cyprus, since they are operating under the "laws" of the so-called "turkish republic of northern cyprus", which, in accordance with the relevant UN Security Council resolutions and international law is an illegal secessionist entity, not recognized by the international community, with the sole exception of Turkey.

Turkey invaded the Republic of Cyprus in 1974 and 36.2% of the island has ever since been illegally occupied by the Turkish Army. The occupied area was unilaterally and illegally declared an independent state, under the name “turkish republic of northern cyprus” (“trnc”) in November 1983. This secessionist act was condemned by the UN in Security Council resolutions 541 (1983) and 550 (1984).

Persons, institutions and organizations, considering cooperation with any of the so-called “educational entities” operating illegally in the occupied area of Cyprus, are strongly advised to take in to account the above-mentioned facts.