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Cyprus Press and Information Office

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

- Epidemiological risk assessment of countries concerning COVID-19, dated 24/08/2020 - Sweden in category B
- Press announcement by the Ministry of the Interior on obtaining a Special Entry Permit to the Republic of Cyprus
- Places where the use of a mask is mandatory by the general population
- Help Desk to support the electronic platform "CyprusFlightPass"
- Mandatory completion of the Travel Card (CyprusFlightPass) for all passengers intending to travel to Cyprus
- Utrikesdepartementet reseguide för Coronavirus Pandemic COVID-19, daterad 16/3/2020 (gäller från 18:00, 16/3/2020)
- Inauguration of Photo Exhibition "50 years UNFICYP: In appreciation" was inaugurated by H.R.H. Prince Carl Philip, Armémuseum in Stockholm, 12 November 2014
- Judgment by the European Court of Human Rights with regard to the claim by Cyprus against Turkey for just satisfaction, 12/05/2014

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