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Scholarships to Cypriots residing overseas

The University of Cyprus MBA program will offer six (6) scholarships to Cypriots residing overseas who will be admitted to the Program in September 2107. Tuition fees are currently 10,250 Euros. The scholarships offered to Cypriots citizens living abroad are:

6 50% scholarships up to 5.125 €

The MBA Program of the University of Cyprus offers a unique MBA learning experience and has been established itself as the premier program in the region, creating leaders with vision in a dynamic global environment. This is achieved by bringing together promising individuals into a stimulating academic environment that encourages the transformation of ideas into business realities.

The program offers a unique academic culture that promotes the exchange of ideas through innovative teaching methods and stat-of-the-art methodologies, and delivers individuals capable of promoting new business paradigms. The aim of the program is to enable participants to become agents of change and implant new ideas into het organizations and eh broader society. The duration of the full-time MBA Program is twelve months and it is offered in English.

The criteria of the above scholarships include the following:

· Degree from a recognized academic institution or equivalent and excellent academic performance which may also be demonstrated trough GMAT or GRE exams.

· Three years of full-time work experience, unless in exceptional cases where applicants can demonstrate significant potential for leadership and superior academic performance.

· Proficiency in English must be demonstrated through one of the following: TOEFL or IELTS or GCE or equivalent (Unless candidates hold a degree from an English speaking institution).

· Two recommendations from academics or people who are familiar with the work of the candidate.

· Successful completion of personal interview and assessment exam to evaluate contribution potential to the program.

Additional information about the MBA Program can be found on the Program’s website or can be obtained from the MBA Office at +35722893600 0r at










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