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Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Madrid

General Information

a) A diplomatic mission MAY:

  • Help you in case of death, accident or serious illness while you are abroad
  • Ιssue you a temporary travel document (laissez-passer) if your passport expires, is lost or stolen
  • Provide you with a list of doctors, lawyers and translators in the country where you are located
  • Contact someone in Cyprus who can help you in case of need
  • In some cases provide you with the money for repatriation, as long as you or your relatives or friends sign a form assuming that you will return the money to the Government of the Republic of Cyprus
  • Provide Civil Registry service, certifications, legalization of documents, as well as send requests to the competent authorities of Cyprus

b) A diplomatic mission CAN NOT:

  • Intervene in any private matter (e.g. travel, banking, insurance, etc.) and pay your bills (hotel, medical expenses, fines, legal aid, etc.)
  • interfere with the work of the courts and the police if you have broken local Laws (e.g. cannot arrange your release from prison or interfere with court proceedings)
  • Provide legal advice on any matter;
  • Find accommodation for you or help you find employment or obtain a residence permit
  • Secure an extension of your visa, residence or residence permit
  • Secure you preferential treatment in hospitals, during imprisonment / detention or during your visit (as a tourist) compared to that given to nationals of the host country

Services to Cypriot citizens traveling and/or living permanently abroad





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