Republic of Cyprus

Consular Services for Cypriot Travelers/Permanent Residents Abroad

Consular services provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Republic’s Diplomatic Missions and Consulates play a vital role in securing the safety of Cypriot nationals travelling or living abroad and ensuring the suitable conditions for the conduct of their activities. At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs cooperates closely with the Republic’s competent Authorities, in order to further enhance the efficiency of the consular services provided to Cypriot nationals abroad and to foreigners residing or visiting Cyprus.

Finally, the Republic’s Diplomatic Missions and Consulate provide civil registry and notary services, legalize documents and forward applications and other papers to the competent Cypriot Authorities (e.g. passport applications).

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General Consular Services
Certification of public and private documents through the Ministry of Foreign Affaris and the Diplomatic Missions