Republic of Cyprus

The Citizen's Charter

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is committed to providing the public with a high standard of service.

The Ministry provides services to individual members of the public, elected representatives, other Government Departments and Offices, the Embassies and Consulates of other countries, international organisations and many other voluntary and representative bodies and organisations. The Ministry also provides a range of specific services (visa, consular) to the public at its offices in Nicosia and through its network of Embassies and Consulates abroad.
This Charter sets out the standards of service we aim to provide to the citizens.

Contact by Telephone
There is an operator service at the Ministry in Nicosia telephone number 22-651000. Callers who know the extension of the officer to whom they wish to speak can call direct by dialling 22-651*** before the extension number. It is the policy of the Ministry that all calls be answered without delay.

If you contact us by telephone we will endeavour to:

  • Answer your call as promptly as possible.
  • Give you our name and our area of work.
  • Be courteous and helpful to you at all times.
  • Answer your query in full; if we cannot do so immediately, we will take your details and call you back as soon as possible.
  • Respond to all voicemail messages promptly.

Internet Website
The Ministry has a Website on the Internet ( with up-to-date information on aspects of the Government’s foreign policy and the services available from the Ministry.

Staff Training
The Ministry, through an active training programme, is seeking to develop a strong awareness among staff of the importance of efficiently serving the public. It is intended that all staff who deal with the public as well as supervisory and management staff will receive training or coaching in serving the public.

Written Correspondence
If you send us a letter, fax or e-mail we will endeavour to:
  • Ensure you receive a full reply within 30 days; if we cannot provide a full reply within this period, we will write to you explaining why and tell you when you can expect a full reply.
  • Include a contact name, reference number (where appropriate) and other contact details (telephone, FAX, e-mail) when replying.
  • Write to you in simple and clear language and avoid using technical terms unless absolutely necessary.

Consular Services:
If you are applying for a visa or another consular service we will endeavour to:
  • Provide application forms.
  • Process applications for visas as promptly as possible, in cooperation with the Diplomatic Missions examining the application.

Visitors to the Ministry
If you visit us in person we will:
  • Treat you with courtesy, respect your privacy and be fair in our dealings with you.
  • Meet you at the agreed time if you have an appointment.
  • Endeavour to provide appropriate facilities for meetings.
  • Strive to keep our public offices clean and tidy, ensuring that they meet health and safety standards.
  • Do our best to meet your needs in cases of genuine emergencies (e.g. facilitate the issue of visas in emergencies).

People with Disabilities
  • Special attention is given to people with disabilities and a number of provisions were taken in order to secure their easy access and navigation in and out of the Ministry.
  • More specifically the above provisions have been taken:
  • Specially assigned parking spaces for people with disabilities.
  • Accessible entrance to the building.
  • Specially assigned guide ready to assist the disabled visitors at any given time during working hours.
  • Elevators equipped with Brail signs.
  • Specially designed wide corridors and office entrances for easy navigation from people on wheelchairs.
  • Wheelchair accessible WC at each level.

Provision of Information
  • We will strive to provide comprehensive and up-to-date information on our policies and services, both on our website and in print format, in clear and simple language.
  • We will ensure that our application forms and information leaflets regarding our consular services are simple and easy to understand.

Equality / Diversity
  • We are committed to providing a service that upholds the citizen’s rights to equal treatment established by equality legislation.
  • We will aim to ensure that our services and facilities are accessible to all citizens, including those with special needs.

Consultation and Feedback
  • We welcome your comments and suggestions on this charter and on how we can improve our service in the future.
  • If you would like to comment or make a suggestion please write to:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Presidential Palace Avenue 1447, Nicosia, Cyprus.
or e-mail to:

  • We are ready to address signed complaints from citizens who are dissatisfied with the quality of services or the way in which they are delivered by the Ministry at Headquarters or at an Embassy or a Consulate abroad.
  • Complaints relating to the quality of service provided by Diplomatic Missions should be made in the first instance to the Head of the Diplomatic Mission concerned. If you are not satisfied with the response you receive and wish to make a formal written complaint or if your complaint relates to the services provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs you can write to the Ministry, at the address given above, which will reply promptly after investigating the matter.
  • In case you receive no response from us, or in case you are not satisfied with our reply, you have the right to address your complain to the Office of Commissioner of Administration (Ombudsman) of the Republic. The Ombudsman’s contact information is:
Office of Commissioner of Administration (Ombudsman)
Era House,
2, Diagorou Street, 1097 Nicosia
Tel. No.: 22-405500, Fax No.: 22-672881
  • We will deal with you fairly and impartially and we promise that your complaint will not affect how we will treat you in the future.

Monitoring and Evaluation
  • We will measure and evaluate our performance against the commitments in this Charter.

Help Us to Help You
You can help us to provide you with a high quality customer service if you:
  • Fill in all forms fully and accurately, sign them and ensure that all supporting documents are included when posting or handing in applications.
  • Apply in good time for Visas and other Consular Services.
  • Quote any relevant reference number in all communications with us.
  • Treat our staff courteously, as you would wish to be treated yourself.
  • Make comments or suggestions about the service you receive.

Where to find us
The Ministry’s Headquarters is: Presidential Palace Avenue, 1447 Nicosia, Cyprus.
A list of the Ministry’s Offices abroad, including Embassies, Consulates and Honorary Consulates, can be found on the Ministry’s website: .

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