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On the 30th of June 2015, the permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Alexandros N. Zenon, inaugurated an exhibition entitled «Building Modifications and Installation of Security Equipment in Diplomatic Missions of the Republic of Cyprus for compliance with Schengen Acquis Requirements»

In his brief talk during the opening ceremony, Mr Zenon said that the exhibition presents the first phase of an ambitious project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which aims at upgrading both the security of the premises and the visa issuing procedures in the Consulates of Cyprus.

The exhibition presents works that have been implemented in the premises of thirteen (13) Diplomatic Missions of the Republic, and specifically in Amman, Muscat, St. Petersburg, Belgrade, Kuwait, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Kiev, Beirut, London, Pretoria, New Delhi and Beijing.

Mr Zenon also stressed that all works have been carried out according to the Schengen Acquis Requirements as described in the Schengen Catalogue – Recommendations and Best Practices issued by the Council of the European Union in 2009 and in Evaluation Reports of the Schengen Evaluation Party.

The projects were co-financed by 75% to 95% from the European External Borders Fund.

Finally, Mr Zenon announced the second phase of the project involving twelve (12) more Diplomatic Missions, in the framework of the new European Internal Security Fund. He made special reference to the largest and most important project of this phase, which is already in progress, namely the building modifications at the Consular Section of the Cyprus Embassy in Moscow, which issues approximately two thirds of the total number of visas issued by the Republic of Cyprus worldwide.

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