Republic of Cyprus

Service for Overseas and Repatriated Cypriots

Duties and Responsibilities

The Division for Overseas and Repatriated Cypriots ensures continuous and close contact with overseas Cypriots and the preservation of their cultural heritage and identity. The Division helps the overseas Cypriots to maintain their links with Cyprus and assists them with any problems or needs that may arise. In particular, the Division for Overseas and Repatriated Cypriots is involved with the following:

1. Direct and systematic communication with overseas Cypriots worldwide, including assistance pertaining to education and other issues of concern.

2. Organization of local/regional/world conferences for the discussion of matters relating to overseas Cypriots and their links with Cyprus.

3. Support the publication of a special magazine targeting overseas and repatriated Cypriots.

4. Organization of exhibitions for overseas and repatriated Cypriots.

5. Provision of assistance to overseas Cypriot communities in their efforts in preserving their language, cultural identity, as well as promoting Cyprus.

6. Organization of visits to Cyprus and support of youth programs.

7.Encouragement of overseas Cypriot entrepreneurs to invest in Cyprus, as well as in promoting Cyprus as a business and financial center.

8. Assistance with the settlement of issues that concern repatriated and overseas Cypriots through coordination with other government departments.

9. Support of activities such as cultural performances based on Cypriot tradition.

10.Encouragement of research regarding the history of the Cypriot diaspora.

11. Provision of material about Cypriot history and culture to associations, libraries and schools of overseas Cypriots.

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