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Country : Sri Lanka

Travel Advice : Avoid non-essential travel

Details : In the wake of the terrorist bombings in the cities of Colombo, Negombo and Batticaloa on Sunday 21st of April 2019, the Government of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka has declared the country in a partial state of emergency for security reasons.
The measures include temporary suspension of access to certain social media networks (not internet and e-mailing), to halt the spread of any misinformation, while a curfew has been introduced from early evening 21.00 hours to early morning (04.00). Timeframes vary according to the assessment of the situation.
Cypriot citizens travelling or intending to travel to Sri Lanka are advised to avoid travelling to the country during the current period, if not necessary.
Attempts for new terrorist actions cannot be excluded. The intensity of security measures remains high in the capital and other major cities, especially in hotels, crowded areas and airports, Cypriot citizens departing from Sri Lanka are requested to be at the airports at least 4 hours prior to their flight Scheduled routes and flights from and to Sri Lanka continue as normal, without interruptions.

For information and assistance to foreign citizens and travelers the government of Sri Lanka, is operating the following 24/7 hotlines: international call: 0094-11242 6900, call within Sri Lanka: 1912. Information can also be drawn from the website of the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority: .

Cypriot citizens permanently residing in or visiting Sri Lanka are urged to restrict their movements, especially in the capital and other cities, to remain vigilant and avoid crowded places or mass gatherings. In parallel, they are advised to monitor the international and local media and to follow the instructions of the local authorities and keep precautions for their personal safety.

For any consular assistance, concerned individuals can contact the High Commission of the Republic of Cyprus in the Republic of India. The address, working hours and contact details of the High Commission in the Republic of India are listed below.

European citizens whose country does not have a diplomatic presence in Sri Lanka can apply to any Diplomatic Mission of a Member State of the European Union operating in the country.

The full catalogue of the EU Member States M;issions in Sri Lanka can be accessed via the link below:

Cypriot citizens travelling or intending to travel, permanently residing in or visiting Sri Lanka are urged to contact the following numbers and to register with the system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for voluntary registration of Cypriots residing or travelling abroad at .

Contact Details :

High Commission of the Republic of Cyprus in the Republic of India

D-64, Malcha Marg
New Delhi 110021

Tel: +91 11 4358 6295, + 91 11 435 86 259

Fax:+91 11 2611 1160

Office hours: 09.00-17.00 (Monday to Friday)
(India local time is 2.5 hrs ahead of Cyprus local time)

Duty Officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA): (after office hours)

Tel. +357 99660129

The Crisis Management Department at the MFA:

Tel. +357 22801000 (24/7)

The Consular Affairs Department at the MFA

Tel. +35 7 22651113 (working hours)

Updated : 25/04/2019
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