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Republic of Cyprus
Schengen and Consular Affairs Division


The Schengen and Consular Affairs Division’s multifaceted responsibilities include, inter alia, the preparation for the accession of the Republic of Cyprus to the Schengen Area; the provision of consular assistance to Cypriot citizens abroad; cooperation with foreign diplomatic missions accredited to Cyprus in visa and consular related matters.

In the framework of the visa policy, the Division is responsible for the harmonization with the Schengen acquis, including actions for the adoption and implementation of the Visa Code, the harmonization of the premises of the Consular Departments of the Diplomatic Missions with the standards of the Schengen acquis, as well as the installation and operation of the Visa Information System- VIS. The said harmonization continues unabated, while the Visa Information System is almost in full operation. Additionally, the Schengen Department is responsible for the implementation of actions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which are co-financed by the EU Internal Security Fund.

The Consular Affairs Department is the main support pillar of the Diplomatic Missions of the Republic of Cyprus abroad, as well as the first contact point of the Foreign Diplomatic Missions accredited to Cyprus, regarding consular issues.

The Department, in cooperation with other competent Governmental Authorities, deals on a daily basis with issues and questions regarding, inter alia, the issuance of visas to interested foreign citizens for business, studies, tourism or education in Cyprus. Moreover, in continuous cooperation with the foreign Diplomatic Missions accredited to the Republic of Cyprus, it deals with issues regarding foreign nationals in Cyprus.

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