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Interested candidates should inform Mrs. E. Aristotelous via email:

Election observation Training -Westminster Foundation for Democracy, London, June 2017.

Please note that registration with the European Union's roster does not per se result in your selection for an election observation mission: You still have to be nominated by your Government, respectively by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is the organization responsible for the recruitment of election observers. As a Cypriot citizen you have to be member of the Cypriot roster, maintained by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in order to be nominated for a mission.

Please note that if selected to participate in an EU EOM, you will have to consult with the MFA relevant department (C1) for more information and details of participation.

Election observers are as a general rule expected to be in touch with the MFA prior to their participation in a mission, as well as immediately after the mission completion.

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