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Republic of Cyprus
Travel Information for Cypriot Nationals

Country : Venezuela

Travel Advice : Avoid non-essential travel

Details : In the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela there are conditions of political instability and intensifying insecurity, due also to violent confrontations between government security forces and protesters. The situation remains unsettled and further deterioration cannot be excluded.
Cypriot citizens travelling or intending to travel to Venezuela are advised to avoid travelling to the country, if not necessary.
Cypriot citizens permanently residing in or visiting Venezuela are urged to restrict their movements, especially in the capital and other cities that are the focus of tensions due to the latest developments. It is also recommended that they avoid crowded places and mass gatherings, as well as participation in demonstrations.
In parallel, they are advised to monitor also the international mass media for any adverse developments and to maintain for their own safety the option of voluntary departure from the country.
In case of need for consular assistance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus is not in a position to provide immediate assistance to Cypriot citizens who permanently reside or visit Venezuela, due to the absence of a Diplomatic Mission in the country. In such a case, Cypriot citizens are encouraged to seek consular assistance in any Diplomatic Mission or Consular authority of a Member State of the European Union (EU) in Venezuela.
For more information from the relevant EU Website on the Missions of 12 EU Member States to Venezuela
All Cypriots, as EU citizens, in the absence of a Diplomatic Mission of Cyprus in their country of visit, have the right, under Article 23 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (Treaty of Lisbon), to seek consular protection from any Diplomatic Mission (Embassy or Consulate General) of an EU Member State.
For the full text of Art. 23 TFEU (Issue C326/ page 58 of the Official Journal of the European Union of 26/10/2012 -consolidated version of the Treaty on The Functioning of The European Union)

Contact Details : In case of emergency, Cypriot citizens can contact the following numbers and/or register with the system of voluntary registration for Cypriots abroad at

Duty Officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA):
Tel. + 357 99660129 (after office hours)

The Crisis Management Department at the MFA:
Tel. +357 22801000 (24/7)

The Consular Affairs Department at the MFA
Tel. +35 7 22651113 (working hours)

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