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It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the website of the High Commission of the Republic of Cyprus in Pretoria


The High Commission of the Republic of Cyprus in South Africa hereby wishes to inform that as from the 18 April 2022 the Republic of Cyprus is open for tourism and the High Commission will be issuing visas.

Travel Advice issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in light of the COVID-19 pandemic on 18/04/2022.

As of 18th April 2022, Cyprus will no longer require the completion of passenger locator form (Cyprus Flight Pass), for entry into the country. Moreover, country-categorization and most travel-related COVID protocols will also be terminated.

Kindly find below the link to the latest travel requirements:

Concerning Visas

Please contact us 3-4 weeks prior to your scheduled departure date to discuss the procedure of a visa application. Turnaround time for the issuance of a visa of this nature is 15 - 18 working days.

If communication with the High Commission is deemed necessary please contact us on –

Tel: +27 12 3463329 / +27 12 3463298

Email : /

In case of Emergency ONLY, you may contact us on - +27 81739 5411/ +27 83283 0433


Department of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs - +357 22 651113 (working hours)
Crisis Management Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - +357 22 801000 (working hours)

The High Commission wishes to express its gratitude to P.A.G. for the sanitisation of the premises of the Cyprus High Commission

This site is intended primarily to provide user friendly information about Cyprus and the activities of the High Commission in its pursuit of enhancing bilateral relations of the Republic of Cyprus with South Africa and the other ten Southern African countries our Mission is concurrently accredited to (Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Malawi, Mozambique, Mauritius and Madagascar). The site has been formed in order to assist the sizable Cypriot communities in the Southern African region by providing them with the best possible consular information.

The site contains a wide range of information about Cyprus’ history, the Cyprus issue regarding the illegal invasion and still going occupation of part of the country by Turkey, tourist information, consular issues, the overseas Cypriots, trade and business, education and culture, the relations of Cyprus with the European Union and current news from the Cyprus.

The website also provides useful links to other Cypriot websites for additional information on Cyprus.

Cyprus has a special relationship with the Republic of South Africa. The site aims also to provide channels of communication between the Diaspora and Cyprus and to provide to our compatriots living in South Africa and in the other countries of our parallel accreditation the best possible consular support.

Every consular service is explained in detail (Consular Section - Consular Services) and all relevant application forms are available for downloading. The collection of information from our website on various consular services will make these services more efficient and quick.

The site is intended to also provide Cypriots living in Southern Africa with information regarding upcoming events of the High Commission and the organised communities of the Diaspora in their country of residence, so as to enable them to have frequent contacts between them and to be informed on the local community activities [at the page "Upcoming Events" (Overseas Cypriots)].

The High Commission has a Facebook page and a Twitter account for better communication with the members of our community. Anyone can have access to the page from our website. Photos from our activities as well as from the activities of the Cyprus Brotherhood of South Africa and the various Hellenic communities in the country can be seen and downloaded.

We would like to encourage all Cypriots living in the South African region to register with the High Commission through the relevant page of our website (Overseas Cypriots - Registration of the Cypriot Citizens Living in Southern Africa), so as to enable us to contact them in an emergency situation and whenever important information needs to be circulated.

We hope you will find plenty of useful information on this website.

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