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Republic of Cyprus
Consular Services

The High Commission of the Republic of Cyprus informs that visas will not be granted to applicants with itineraries including illegal entries from ports and airports situated to the part of the Republic of Cyprus which is occupied by the Turkish troops since 1974.

It is noted that the Government of the Republic of Cyprus is the only recognized Government on the island -member of the EU since 1.5.2004, as well as member of the UN and other International organizations. As a result of the Turkish military occupation, the Government of the Republic of Cyprus is not in a position to exercise effective control over the occupied areas of the Republic. The so-called "TRNC" has been condemned and declared illegal and invalid by the whole International Community through Security Council Resolutions 541/83 and 550/84. With the sole exception of Turkey, no state in the world or International Organization recognizes this secessionist entity.

However, visitors in the Government-controlled area who wish to go to the occupied area may cross from the various crossing points along the buffer zone. No formalities or advance arrangements are required. It is sufficient to inform a Police Officer of the Republic of Cyprus at the checkpoint of their intention. They will be allowed to go through to the buffer zone, which is controlled by the United Nations Peacekeeping Force (UNFICYP) who in turn will let them proceed to the occupied area. It is advisable to carry a passport or identity card solely as proof of identity if requested. Under no circumstances must visitors allow their passports to be stamped by the Turkish Cypriot "authorities".

Persons who enter the country from an illegal port or airport and cross to the Government-controlled area will be in breach of the law and will suffer the consequences. 

Staying in Greek Cypriot owned hotels in the occupied areas, which are being illegally exploited, would put you at great risk of possible legal action on the part of the owners.

Persons visiting Cyprus must enter and leave the country from a legal port or airport in the Government-controlled area. As the northern part of the island is under Turkish military occupation, all points of entry there have been declared illegal and prohibited to all maritime and air traffic. These include the airports of Tymbou (so-called "Ercan") and Lefkoniko and the sea ports of Famagusta, Kyrenia, Karavostasi and Xeros. The ban is recognised and observed by the governments of all countries except Turkey. 

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