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Why study in Cyprus:

With over 300 days of sunshine a year and a summer stretching from May to October, Cyprus might be just the perfect place for abroad studies. Besides its beautiful looks, Cyprus is also becoming a centre of education in the region with the help of investments from large international organizations. English is widely spoken as the country is a former British colony and is the language of instruction in many of the higher education institutes in Cyprus, especially in the private sector.

Higher education in Cyprus is provided in both public and private institutions and the system is under constant development. The Department of Higher and Tertiary Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus has taken big measures to increase funding, research and interest for higher education. Currently there are three state and four private universities in Cyprus.

Detailed information about higher education in Cyprus can be found at the relevant website of the above mentioned Department link attached below.

Kindly find below, information regarding the University of Cyprus:

Since its establishment in 1989, the University of Cyprus has established itself in the eyes of the Cypriot society and international scientific community as a top academic institution that offers quality study programmes, produces research work of a very high standard and contributes substantially to the promotion and upgrading of both Cyprus and the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Attached hereto, please find the Universities presentation which includes information on admission criteria, the Greek language school, tuition fees and other useful information.

Postgraduate Programmes of Study 03-2024.pdfPostgraduate Programmes of Study 03-2024.pdf
Postgraduate Programmes of Study 03-2024 - other languages.pdfPostgraduate Programmes of Study 03-2024 - other languages.pdf
PhD_OTHER LANG._03-2024.pdfPhD_OTHER LANG._03-2024.pdf
Undergraduate Programmes of Study offered in English or other languages.pdfUndergraduate Programmes of Study offered in English or other languages.pdfUCY Presentation-Mar.2024-ENG.pdfUCY Presentation-Mar.2024-ENG.pdf

Department of Higher and Tertiary Education

The requested documents for the issuance of a study visa from the competent authorities of the Republic of Cyprus should be apostille in advance from the High Court or DIRCO.

For information regarding the procedure for student permit for students follow this link

For any further enquiries please contact us to

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