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Repatriation of mortal remains and human ashes

Assistance in the event of death

If the High Commission is informed of the death of a Cypriot national the first thing to do is to try to gather as much information as possible about the deceased and the circumstances of his/ her death.

If the deceased was travelling alone and his/ her family or acquaintances have not been informed of his/her demise, this information will be immediately transmitted to the Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which via the Cyprus Police will inform and maintain contact with the relatives so that they can make all the necessary arrangements.

In those cases that the deceased was travelling with friends or relatives, they have to inform the soonest the local police and the High Commission.

With the consent of the relatives, the High Commission will assist with the repatriation of the body and will help in obtaining a death certificate and a copy of an official report or autopsy report. If the family of the deceased wishes to repatriate the body, the High Commission will inform them of the procedures and provide the relevant assistance. However, under no circumstances will it cover any expenses incurred by repatriation of the body to Cyprus, unless the relevant amount of money is deposited in advance with the Accounts Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and / or an Assumption of Responsibility form is signed by the relatives.


Return of human remains to Cyprus

The mortal remains should be placed in a carefully soldered lead or zinc coffin, with its base covered with absorbent material. It shall, then, be placed into an outer coffin made of wood at least 20 mm in thickness. Where death was due to a contagious disease, the dead body or remains should be wrapped in a shroud impregnated with an antiseptic solution.

The person to receive the coffin in Cyprus should make early arrangements with the Cyprus Health Services for the issue of a free pass license exempting customs clearance.

Early notice should be given to the Port or Airport Health Officer to be present on arrival.

Note: All the above provisions do not apply to the international transport of ashes.

For more information please contact the Ministry of Health on 00357 22 605564.

In the Republic of South Africa the following documents need to be issued before the coffin is sent to Cyprus, these original documents are submitted to the High Commission on behalf of the bereaved family by the funeral home. The documents are certified and a letter is issued by the High Commission to assist with the export of the mortal remains.

  1. Death Certificate
  2. Burial Order by South African Department of Home Affairs
  3. Embalming Treatment Certificate
  4. Non-Infectious Disease Certificate
  5. Non-Epidemic Area Certificate
  6. Undertaker’s Affidavit
  7. Copy of Cypriot Passport or ID
  8. Copy of other nations Passport or ID
  9. Export Permit from South Africa Department of Health and Social Development


8.54 Euro Revenue Stamp (for issuance of the letter to export mortal remains)

1.71 Euro Revenue Stamp (certification of original documents)

For any inquiries please email us at:


Transfer of human ashes

The person who will transfer human ashes to the Republic of Cyprus should request a letter from the High Commission to assist the transfer.

For the issuance of the letter please submit the following documents:

- Original cremation certificate duly certified or apostle
- Original death certificate duly certified or apostle
- Passport of the person who will transfer the ashes
- Flight itinerary

Please make the above arrangements at least two weeks before your travel. This letter is addressed only to the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus. If you will be transit, please refer to your airline carrier for the necessary arrangements that have to be made.


8.54 Euro Revenue Stamp

1.71 Euro Revenue Stamp (certification of original documents)

For any inquiries please email us at:

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