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Republic of Cyprus
General Advice for Cypriot Visitors to India



Before your trip, it is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with India. You can always obtain the relevant information from your travel agent, the Cyprus High Commission and from the Internet.

It is recommended to obtain and keep, at all times, the addresses and telephone numbers of the Cyprus High Commission in New Delhi, in order to be able to contact the relevant person in case of a real emergency, such as theft or the loss of documents (passport), serious illness or injury, detention/arrest or death.

Please note that in countries where the Republic of Cyprus does not have Diplomatic or Consular representation, European consular assistance can be requested by applying for help to an Embassy or Consulate (not an Honorary Consulate) of another EU Member State.

Be aware that such consular assistance is strictly limited to genuine emergencies only i.e.: accidents involving serious injury or serious illness, arrest or detention, repatriation on medical grounds and death. The loss of a Cypriot passport/travel document is also considered a genuine emergency. More information is provided in the website of the European Commission – DG Justice:


• Assist you in cases of death, serious accident or serious illness, while abroad;
• issue to you a temporary travel document (laissez passer), should your passport be lost or stolen, report loss or theft of a Cypriot Passport at the
local Police station and present the original to the Cyprus High Commission
• help you to contact a person in Cyprus, who can give you the help you need;
• assist persons arrested, or detained;
• in exceptional circumstances advance funds to allow for your repatriation. This assistance can be offered after you, or your family / friends, have
signed a relevant form (Assumption of Responsibility) by which they undertake the responsibility to reimburse the Government of the Republic of
• provide civil registry and notary services, legalize documents and forward applications and other papers to the competent Cypriot authorities (e.g.
passport applications).


• Intervene in any private business dispute (e.g. matters related to travelling,
banks, insurance, etc.) nor pay your bills (hotel, medical bills, fines, legal aid, etc);
• intervene in court operation and police if you have infringed the local laws
(e.g. it cannot arrange for you to be released from prison or intervene in the
judicial proceedings);
• provide legal advice for any reason whatsoever;
• find accommodation for you or help you to find a job or obtain a work permit;
• obtain an extension of your visa, residence or work permit;
• obtain preferential treatment for you in hospitals during
imprisonment /detention or during a visit (as a tourist), than the one offered to
the nationals of the host country.

Relevant visas can be obtained from the High Commission of India in Nicosia.


It is advisable to take a few photocopies of your passport and visa with you and leave a copy in Cyprus with a relative. During your stay you should carry a photocopy of your passport and visa at all times.

Health Precautions

It is strongly recommended to inquire about health care in India (or any other country of the High Commission's accreditation) and to obtain information regarding possible vaccinations required and other health advice.
Before travelling, you should consult your doctor to discuss known or possible health risks.

Please note, that many communicable diseases can be contracted from the consumption of contaminated food or water, mainly in areas with poor standards of hygiene. If you are travelling to such areas, please, avoid raw food (e.g. dairy products, salads, seafood) and always prefer bottled water. Avoid road-side food.

It is also suggested to avoid areas where rain or otherwise water is collected, which may cause breeding of mosquitoes particularly during rainy season that might lead to the spread of fatal dengue fever. Dengue fever is caused by the bite of mosquitos breeding in clean water collected over a week time or more.

Travel Insurance

Before you travel, you are strongly advised to purchase travel insurance and to ascertain if the travel package covers death, health expenses, accidents (car insurance), unexpected losses (e.g. for cancelled flights, stolen cash, cards, passports or luggage) as well as a possible repatriation.


Safety and Security

India is a beautiful country with good climatic conditions particularly during spring and autumn and many places of interest. India caters to all tourists needs. It is a country, which, although is very welcoming to its visitors, it has a high level of crime rate. Visitors should at all times be aware of their surroundings and be cautious of where and with whom they travel. Female tourists should be extra cautious as there have been many cases of sexual assault against female tourists in the country in the past. They should ensure that they do not travel/walk alone. They should also ensure the credentials of the accompanying person if he/she is designated by a hotel.

Also, Incidents of theft and robbery are common. You should be vigilant of the risks, particularly if driving/walking in and/or after dark. Keep to main roads; park in well - lit areas.
India’s main cities, like any other major international cities, have specific risk areas that should be avoided.

Do not pick up strangers. Do not stop to assist apparently distressed motorists/individuals, as this might be a technique sometimes used by criminals. It is better to report the incident to the police.

Essential Numbers for Cypriot Visitors while in Delhi:

Police : 100; Fire :101; Ambulance: 102; All emergencies: 112, Women Help Line: 1091, Common for Police, Medical and Fire: 108; Gas leakage: 1906.


If necessary, contact the Cyprus High Commission in India (in the other countries under the jurisdiction of the High Commission, you may contact the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Cyprus or in countries with no Cyprus representation at all, you may ask for emergency assistance from a Mission of another EU Member State), and/or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus at the following numbers and register on the website

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus:


Consular Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Tel.: +357-22-651113 (8:30 -15:00, Monday-Friday)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Tel: +357-22-651000 (General Number)

Crisis Management Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Tel;: +357 22 801000 (8:30 -15:00, Monday-Friday)

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