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Other Consular Services

1. The Embassy offers consular services for Cypriot nationals residing in Lebanon and Syria and renders assistance, when needed, to Cypriot citizens visiting these countries. The Embassy also offers services to citizens of Lebanon and Syria.

2. The Consular Section accepts, among else, applications for the issuance of official documents of the Republic of Cyprus, legalises documents bearing the seal of a Cyprus Government department/official and certifies the authenticity of signatures placed before a consular officer of the Embassy.

Visiting hours for Legalization of Documents etc: Tuesday and Thursday, 10.00 - 12.00.

3. For the Cypriot citizens, in need of an appointment for issuance of a new passport or any other consular assistance, please send an email to: .

Cases of child abductions: in a child abduction case, the interested party is kindly requested to communicate with the Consular Department of the Embassy for consular assistance.

List of the Beirut Bar Association can be found here:, while at the same time the party concerned can contact the following NGOs a) ABBAD (, b) UPEL ( and c) HIMAYA (

It is noted that the list of Lawyers registered at the Beirut Bar Association is only indicative. The Embassy bears no responsibility for any actions or omissions of Lawyers registered in this Association.

5. Τhe Cypriot nationals residing in Lebanon are kindly requested to fill in the document attached here below and send it to the email: (the information provided is intended for the internal and exclusive use of the Embassy).

Also, the Cypriots living or working in Lebanon can be registererd, voluntarily, at the website "Oikade" of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for consular assistance in case of urgent need (for more info please visit:

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