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Forms / Documents Exemption from Military Service for Permanent Residents Abroad

Forms / Documents

Exemption from Military Service for Permanent Residents Abroad

Enlistment Office
Documents required for the certificate application:

  • A completed application signed by the applicant if he is an adult.

  • A recent full birth certificate in English (geboorteakte), which includes information about moving to and out of the Netherlands (uittreksel) van de Basisregistratie personen (BRP)) as well as personal data of the applicant and the applicant’s mother and father. In the case of divorced parents, the divorce date and parental custody should also be shown. Attention! Documentation issued by Dutch authorities should be signed and sealed by the competent officer and duly authenticated by a notary (notarius publicus) bearing the “Apostille” stamp.

  • Photocopy of the applicant’s passport.

  • Photocopies of the passports of the applicant’s parents.

  • The application along with the supporting documents and the Certificate of Permanent Residence are submitted by the applicant to the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Cyprus, which issues the Certificate of Exemption from Military Service. Alternatively, if the applicant is not in Cyprus, the application is forwarded by the Embassy to the Ministry of Defence which in turn sends the issued certificate to the address of the applicant abroad.

Expatriates who have therefore been exempted from military service shall produce upon departure from Cyprus the original copy of the Certificate of Exemption from Military Service, provided that their stay in Cyprus does not exceed a period of three months. For longer periods of stay, an Exit Permit is required which can be obtained by the Exit Permit Issuing Office in Nicosia.

Expatriates of conscript age (15-26) must obtain, besides the Certificate of Permanent Residence issued by the Embassy, a special Exit Permit from the Ministry of Defence or the Regional Enlistment Offices.

Contact details:

Ministry of Defence
5 Emmanuel Roides Ave.
Tel.(Exit Permits, Deferments, Exemptions): +357 22 807542-3
Fax:+357 22 362605

Enlistment Office Nicosia - Kyrenia - Morphou: +357 22 417131 

Enlistment Office Larnaca - Ammochostos / Famagusta: +357 24 411302 

Enlistment Office Limassol: +357 25 413367 

Enlistment Office Paphos: +357 25 413916

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