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Identity Cards

The acquisition and possession of a Civil Identity Card is compulsory for any Cypriot citizen who has completed twelve years of age. Please note that applications of minors (under 18) should be signed by both parents or by the parent who has custody/parental responsibility.

Required documents
  • A completed application form.
  • Expired Republic of Cyprus ID (in case of renewal)
  • Original Birth Certificate.
  • Original Marriage Certificate in the case of a married woman who wants to change her surname or a Divorce Certificate in case of a divorced woman.
  • Additional Passport if the applicant has an additional nationality to the Cypriot one.
  • Application fee €30 (for minors under the age of 12 the fee is €20)

In case of loss or theft of the Civil Identity Card the applicant submits additionally:
  • Declaration regarding loss or theft of the Civil Identity Card
  • Police report of the loss or theft of the Civil Identity Card
It is noted that in case of loss or theft, the application fee applicable is double than the last time the Civil Identity Card was issued.

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