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Visiting / Working / Settling in Cyprus Acquisition of Immovable Property by Foreigners

Visiting / Working / Settling in Cyprus

Acquisition of Immovable Property by Foreigners

Foreigners who wish to acquire an immovable property in Cyprus may submit through the Embassy to the Ministry of Interior the following documents in order to consider their application:

  • Survey plan.
  • Copy of the title of ownership.
  • Copy of the building permit for the erection of the house/block of flats or for the residential development of estates. If separate titles of ownership have been issued for the flats of the block or if the house is mentioned on the title of ownership, applicants do not need to submit a copy of the building permit. For plots under division, applicants must submit a copy of the division permit.
  • Copy of the deed of sale.
  • Sectional view of the building or the flat. Very old houses mentioned on the title of ownership are exempted. A division plan must be submitted in the case of division of plots. In areas of residential development, the plan must be submitted showing the position of the house on the entire holding.
  • Area in square metres of the plot, which is to be acquired.
  • Documents proving the financial situation of the applicants.
  • Copies of the pages of the applicants' passports and those of their spouses (the pages containing the data and the photo of the holders and stamps of arrival to and departure from Cyprus).
  • Certificate of marriage of the applicants or relevant attestation of their Embassy and in cases where the spouses do not have the same surname and when the name of the husband is not written on the wife's passport.
  • Copy of residence permit and work permit of the applicants in Cyprus.
  • Application COMM 145, duly completed. (It is available only at the Ministry of Interior, tel: +357 22 804112, 804111, e-mail:
  • If the applicant is a company or a shareholder in an offshore company, it is necessary to submit the certificates of registration, of shareholders and of the registered offices of the company.
  • If the applicant is a company, a copy of the company's Articles of Association must be submitted and written information must be furnished on the company's activities in Cyprus and the staff it employs, both Cypriots and foreigners with the social insurance numbers.


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