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Tasos A. Tzionis

Year of Birth1955
Place of BirthLimassol, Cyprus
EducationDiplomatic Studies, Oxford University, 1990
Law and Political Sciences Degree, Athens University 1980
Languages Greek, English
Personal StatusMarried, one son and one daughter
E-mail ttzionis@mfa.gov.cy
12 January 2016

21 May 2015

24 March 2015

18 February 2015

4/2013 – 12/2014
Presentation of Credentials to the President of the Swiss Confederation

Presentation of Credentials to the Acting President of Malta

Presentation of Credentials to Captain Regents of San Marino
    Presentation of Credentials to the President of the Italian Republic
      Deputy Permanent Secretary, MFA (Cyprus Question and Turkey, Energy Diplomacy and Maritime Affairs)

      Member of the Advisory Committee on Hydrocarbons
      9/2011- 4/2013Director, Policy Planning, Energy Diplomacy and Maritime Affairs
      2/2011 - 8/2011Director EU and Economic Affairs Division
      8/2008 - 2/2011Ambassador to the State of Israel
      4 - 8/2008Director of EU and other European Countries Division, MFA
      5/2003 - 2/2008Director, Diplomatic Office of the President of Cyprus

      Director, Central Intelligence Service

      Head of Administration, Presidency

      Participant in the National Council
      2006 – 2008Representative of the Leader of the Greek Cypriot Community to the negotiations with the Turkish Cypriot Community under UN auspices for the solution of the Cyprus Problem
      2003 – 2004Member of the Greek Cypriot Negotiating Team for the Direct Talks on the Cyprus Problem, held under UN auspices
      2 - 5/2003Acting Permanent Secretary, MFA
      1998-2003Director of Political Affairs (Cyprus Problem) Division, MFA
      1999 – 2000Member of the Greek Cypriot Negotiating Team for the Indirect Talks on the Cyprus Problem, held under UN auspices
      1999 – 2004Ambassador to Lebanon with residence in Cyprus
      1995 – 1998Political Affairs (Cyprus Problem) Division, MFA (1997-2003)
      1993 – 1995Representative of Cyprus to the CSCE, Vienna
      1990 – 1993Counsellor, Embassy / Permanent Representation of the Republic of Cyprus to the European Community – Brussels
      1984 – 1990Political Affairs Division, European Community Division, MFΑ

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