Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Athens

Press Office


The Press Office of Athens was established in 1981 and is part of the Cyprus Embassy. Its mission is to promote the national positions of Cyprus but also, to further develop the relations between Greece and Cyprus.

Other main activities of the Office are:

It observes the Greek media and reports to the Ambassador and to the apt governmental services in Cyprus.
It cooperates with the other departments of the Embassy in organizing events on Cyprus.
It journalistically covers visits of Cypriot state officials to Greece.
It journalistically covers the Embassy’s different activities.
It informs for the latest developments on the national problem of Cyprus.
It provides informative material on Cyprus.

    Press Office
    2A Xenofontos Street
    105 57 Athens Greece
    Tel.: + 30 210 3734888
    Fax: + 30 210 3734905
    E-mail: pioathen@hol.gr

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