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Decree of the Minister of Health of 15 April 2020

Under the new decree, the range of citizens who are able to repatriate has been expanded. This list now includes the following categories:

1. All citizens of the Republic of Cyprus who are permanently resident on the territory of the Republic, as well as their spouses having other citizenship (other than Cyprus) and their minor children;

2. All persons legally resident on the territory of the Republic;

3. All persons who have the right to enter the Republic in accordance with the Vienna Convention.

While measures to prevent coronavirus proliferation continue, return flights will be arranged for citizens who fall into the above categories, and the cost of the flight, if organized, will have to be paid by the passengers.

Upon arrival in the territory of the Republic, these citizens will be quarantined for 14 days at places designated by the Republic. Those persons, who require medical supervision may instead be held in self-isolation for 14 days, but only after the authorization from the Minister of Health (not granted in advance, decision taken at the airport on arrival). All citizens who have come to the Republic are required to undergo a coronavirus test, and then they are subjected to the measures prescribed in the relevant medical report.

Repatriation will take place in accordance with the period declared as preferable on the platform of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the quantities that will be determined to be possible under these conditions. Taking into account that those citizens will be the first to be repatriated, who were eligible under earlier orders but had not yet been repatriated.

We also appeal to those who have already received return certificates to register on, if this has not already been done, stating the preferred period for repatriation.

We recall that the provision of incorrect information at the time of registration will have legal consequences.

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