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Review of 8th Periodic Report of Cyprus by CEDAW - 05-07-2018

Τhe 8th Periodic Report of Cyprus concerning the implementation of the provisions of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women was presented on Wednesday, July 4, 2018, at the UN Office in Geneva, in the framework of the 70th session of the homonymous Committee.

Introducing the Report, Law Commissioner, Ms Leda Koursoumba, Head of the Cyprus delegation, outlined the relevant National Action Plans, Strategies and legislation that had been elaborated and implemented with the aim of addressing gender inequality and mainstreaming a gender perspective in various actions undertaken. Extensive reference was made to Strategic Action Plan for Equality between Men and Women 2014-2017 which was specifically designed to address the Recommendations of the Committee from the previous reporting cycle.

Ms Koursoumba briefed the Committee on major developments that have taken place in Cyprus during the last reporting cycle (since 2013) in relevant fields, such as combating violence against women, economic empowerment of women, equal participation of women in public life and the labour market, combating the trafficking of women, and others. Ms Koursoumba and the other delegation members were then requested to provide information in response to questions posed by the Committee and explained, inter alia, that as a consequence of the illegal Turkish invasion and continued military occupation, the authorities of the Republic are prevented from exercising effective control, and thus from safeguarding the enjoyment of relevant rights in the occupied territory.

Committee Experts praised Cyprus for the headway made towards the elimination of discrimination against women and, in particular, for the implementation of the Strategic Action Plan for Equality between Men and Women 2014-2017. They then posed follow-up questions and identified areas where additional measures and actions could be undertaken with a view to enhancing compliance with the provisions of the Convention.

In her concluding remarks, Law Commissioner Koursoumba thanked the members of the Committee for the frank and interactive exchange, adding that this dialogue would form the basis for a constructive re-assessment by the competent authorities of the Republic of the measures that are taken in Cyprus and their impact on efforts to safeguard and promote the rights of women.

Committee Chairperson Ms Dalia Leinarte, from Lithuania, congratulated Cyprus in her concluding remarks for its efforts to combat discrimination against women and expressed her conviction that the constructive dialogue had given members of the Committee opportunity to better understand the situation of women in Cyprus. She commended the Cyprus delegation for the high quality presentation of its national report and encouraged the Cyprus authorities to respond positively and act upon the issues raised by the Committee Experts for the benefit of women and girls in Cyprus.

Along with Law Commissioner Mrs Leda Koursoumba, the Cyprus delegation comprised of the Permanent Representative of Cyprus in Geneva, Ambassador G.C. Kasoulides, the Deputy Permanent Representative Mr D. Samuel, Ms N. Andreou (Ministry of Justice and Public Order), Mr C. Veis (Police Headquarters), Ms N. Andreou (Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance), Ms D. Kyprianou (Ministry of Education and Culture), Ms P. Voskaridou (Ministry of Interior) and Ms M. Avani (Permanent Mission of Cyprus in Geneva).



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