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Permanent Residence Certificate

Documentation Required:

1. Certification from the local Hellenic community President, community Priest or Archbishopric stating the period of the time that the applicant has been permanently a resident in South Africa (supporting evidence).

2. Tax statements, SARS clearance certificates, documents confirming employment for the period in question, verification of children’s South African school attendance, proofs of payment of accounts of common utility in the name of the interested person etc. Pensioners should provide documentation from the authority that provides their pensions.

3. South African Unabridged Birth Certificate. If the applicant was not born in South Africa, a Birth Certificate from the place of birth along with the South African passport and Cypriot passport or any other travel document which shows the applicants arrival and departure date to South Africa.

4. South African Passport and ID.

5. Cypriot passport and ID/Citizenship certificate.

6. Any other original documentation proving that applicant is a permanent resident of South Africa.

Repatriation certificate fees:

o 8.54€ for revenue stamp

o 1.71€ for revenue stamp

(if any additional certification of a document is required, 1.71€ revenue stamp will be charged per document)

- Please present original documentation required and a copy of each for submission

- Cheques to be made out to: Accountant General of Cyprus

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