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Για τις κάτωθι θεματικές ενότητες πατήστε τον σύνδεσμο για αναλυτική

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Ιn order to receive a Cypriot passport you are required to apply first for a Cypriot citizenship. The application can be submitted to our Offices and it will then be forwarded to the Civil Registry and Migration Department in Nicosia for examination of eligibility.
If the application is successful and you are granted a citizenship, then you can submit an application for a passport. Please note that both applications are processed in Nicosia and not by the High Commission and the required time varies according to each specific case.
In case you wish to start this process, please find enclosed herewith a copy of the preliminary application for you to complete and return to our Offices, accompanied by a copy of your birth certificate and your parents’ Cypriot passports and/or any other documents that prove your Cypriot origin. Upon examination of the preliminary application we will send you the appropriate application for Cypriot citizenship.

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Ιn accordance with the provisions of the Law relating to National Guard, military service is compulsory for all male citizens of the Republic of Cyprus who reside in the territory of the Republic, including persons who are not Cypriot citizens but are of Cypriot descent (from either side of parents) and thus are eligible to acquire the Cypriot citizenship. The obligation commences in the year the person becomes 18 and continues to the year of his 45th birthday. Reserve military service extends up to the year of the 50th birthday.

Persons exempted from military service include those who live permanently abroad, for as long as they continue to reside outside Cyprus. However, regardless of the permanent residency abroad condition, when visiting Cyprus, persons between the ages of 16 and 26 (both inclusive) are required to present on departure from the country a special Exit permit. These permits are for a single use and are issued by any Army Enlistment Office under the Ministry of Defence or by the Citizen Service Centres in the District of Famagusta and in Polis Chrysohou. For the Exit permit to be issued, it is required to present a certificate of “Permanent residence abroad” issued by a Consular Authority of Cyprus abroad, together with the passport and the return ticket. The same requirements apply for persons (permanent residents abroad) between the ages of 27 and 45 (both inclusive) who stay in the Republic for a period exceeding three (3) months.

The certificate of “Permanent residence abroad” has a validity of one year. For the High Commission to issue this certificate, it is required to submit (by post) the following documents:
1. Photocopy of the main page of current passport;
2. Photocopy of birth certificate;
3. Photocopy of document that proves your Cypriot ancestry, i.e. Cypriot passport, Citizenship, Identity
card, or any related parents’ documents;
4. A “Record of International Movements” to and from Australia (for at least twelve years) for the applicant and
his parents, which can be obtained from the Australian Department of Immigration and Border protection;
5. Any document that can prove residential address in Australia;
6. Any of the following documents, where applicable:
· If working for a company or organization: A certificate from the employer stating the period of employment;
· If self employed: A letter from the Accountant, Banker or Solicitor stating the facts;
· If a student: A relevant letter from the educational institute stating the facts;
· If unemployed: Proof of receipt of unemployment or supplementary benefit.
7. Bank cheque or money order payable to the Cyprus High Commission for the exact amount of AU$..... (€8.54), only for .... 2017 (personal cheques are not accepted);
8. One self addressed prepaid envelope.

Please be informed that, due to the fluctuations in the exchange rate between the Euro and the Australian dollar, the fees for the certificate of “Permanent residence abroad” might be subject to change every month. For this reason, if you delay submitting your application beyond the end of this month, please call the High Commission to confirm the exact amount of the related fees.

Please also note that persons between the ages of 18 and 26 are eligible to additionally apply for a “Certificate of Exemption from Military Service for Permanent Residents Abroad”. This Certificate is issued by the Ministry of Defence and, contrary to the Exit permit, it can be used for an indefinite period, until the permanent residency abroad condition ceases to apply. However, where the duration of stay is greater than 3 months, a special Exit permit by the Ministry of Defence will be required. For the issuance of a “Certificate of Exemption from Military Service for Permanent Residents Abroad”, the enclosed application form must be submitted, together with the above required documentation. There is no additional fee, apart from the fee for the certificate of “Permanent residence abroad”.

Applications for “Certificate of Exemption from Military Service for Permanent Residents Abroad” that are submitted without the above documents will not be considered complete by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Cyprus. This certificate is posted directly by the Ministry of Defence to the address stated on the application. Hence, the Cyprus High Commission is not in a position to control the required time for its issuance. However, in case that the “Certificate of Exemption from Military Service for Permanent Residents Abroad” does not reach the applicant on time, the certificate of “Permanent residence abroad”, which is posted by the High Commission, can be used in Cyprus for the issuance of a single Exit permit, as described above.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need further assistance.

Application for excemption from Military Service.pdf

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