Amendment regarding The Civil Registry Law of 2015

The amendments remove the distinction between individuals born between 16 August 1960 and 11 July 1999, originating from a Cypriot father and mother of non-Cypriot nationality and those born in that period and originate from a Cypriot mother and father of non – Cypriot nationality.

Based on the amendment, a person born either in Cyprus or abroad, on or after 16 August 1960 is considered a citizen of the Republic, if at the time of birth, either one of his parents was a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus, or if the parents were not alive at the time of birth, any of them would have been entitled of becoming a citizen of Cyprus if he/she had not passed away.

In any case, a person who is a permanent resident abroad should be registered in the prescribed manner i.e. by submitting a form M121.

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