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Maritime Section

Maritime Section

The Maritime office in Rotterdam was established in 1996 in order to extend the services provided by the Maritime Administration and to strengthen the presence of Cyprus in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Maritime offices are also established in Piraeus, Hamburg, London, New York and Brussels.

The main functions of the Maritime office in Rotterdam are the following:

Registration of ships and registry related transactions;
● Coordination with Owners and Managers on issues related to ship Registration and other legal and technical maritime issues;
● Control of Cyprus flag vessels in respect of safety, security, pollution prevention, qualifications of seafarers and living and working conditions of seafarers;

● Inspection / surveys of Cyprus flag vessels in The Netherlands and Belgium ports (Flag State Control);
● Participating in several shore-based audits and audits on board vessels, in The Netherlands and Belgium;
● Representing Cyprus in local maritime activities;
● Promotion and further development of Cyprus as a maritime centre and an international registry;

Moreover, a wide range of other services is offered to residents of the Netherlands and to shipping related companies.

The Maritime Office, inter alia:

● Legalize maritime & other shipping related documents ;
● Certifies the authenticity of a signature placed before the Consul for maritime issues ;
● Endorse maritime books (engine log books, radio log books, oil record books etc.);
● Accepts payments for applications for the issue of Seafarer’s Identification and Sea Service Record Book (SISRB) and for the issue of an endorsement attesting the recognition of a non Cyprus Certificate ;
● Accepts payments for the sale of Official Log books and Ships Articles ;
● Provides services and information in all maritime related fields ;

Please note that it is always advisable to make an appointment before visiting the Office.

Contact information:
Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus (Maritime Office)
Weena 248 (Tower C, 11th Floor)
3012 NJ Rotterdam
Tel: 010 – 404 7901
Fax: 010 – 404 7899

Office hours: Monday – Friday: 0900 – 1700 hrs.

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