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Places where the use of a mask is mandatory by the general population

Further to the Decree of the Minister of Health N. 36 (par. 2.1), dated 31 July 2020, the following is clarified regarding the places where the use of a mask is mandatory, as of today, by the general population as well as by employees:

1. Citizens – General population (persons aged 6 years and above):

The use of a mask is mandatory by citizens, 6 years and older, at the following establishments / venues:
- Supermarkets / bakeries
- Department stores / retail stores / shopping malls
- Churches
- Visits to hospitals / clinics / nursing homes / other health care institutions
- Pharmacies
- Organizations/Departments of the public and wider public sector and private businesses which receive/serve customers (e.g. banks, citizen service centers, post offices, Cyprus Electricity Authority, etc).
- Betting shops
- Elevators

It is clarified that in places not included in the above list, the use of a mask by citizens is not mandatory. It is noted that the non-observance of the measure constitutes a violation of a Decree by the citizen himself and the fine of € 300 shall be borne by the citizen and not the business / establishment. 2. Employees:
The use of a mask is mandatory for employees in customer service positions, at the following establishments / venues / businesses:
- Public transport (e.g. bus drivers),
- Indoor areas of private companies, Departments of the public and wider public sector which serve the public, such as citizen service centers, post offices, couriers, places for the payment of utility bills of organizations (e.g. EAC, CYTA, local government, etc),
- Persons who work at customer service in retail businesses.
▪ Tills at supermarkets, bakeries, pharmacies, public markets, retail stores, etc.
▪ Customer service at other places such as butcheries, fish markets, fruit markets, kiosks, mini markets, retail trade businesses (e.g. clothing and shoe stores, cosmetic stores, and so forth), etc.
- Delivery persons / distributors
- Construction workers: people working in construction must use disposable masks when traveling by car (the number of persons in a car must not exceed 2 people) and when using an elevator.
- Any other business or establishment, where the use of a mask is foreseen according to the relevant protocols of the Ministry of Health.

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