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Mandatory completion of the Travel Card (CyprusFlightPass) for all passengers intending to travel to Cyprus

In accordance with Regulation 2.3 of the Infectious Diseases (Determination of Measures to Prevent the Spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus) Decree (No.31) of 2020 (R.A.A. 281/2020), all passengers travelling to the Republic and fall under the provisions of Regulations 2.7 to 2.14 (i.e. passengers travelling to the Republic of Cyprus from Country Categories A, B and C), as well as under the Infectious Diseases Decree (No. 30), are obliged to complete the Travel Card (CyprusTravelPass), according to the procedures provided for on the website .

By extension, the electronic filling in of the Travel Card (CyprusFlightPass) 24 hours before the commencement of the trip to the Republic of Cyprus, is made compulsory for all passengers travelling from each Country Category, both for the purposes of boarding the aircraft and entering the Cyprus Republic.
In accordance with the procedures provided for on the website in order to obtain the CyprusFlightPass a passenger must:
1. Create an account
2. Enter his/her personal details
3. Add the flight details
4. Make solemn declarations

More specifically, a passenger is required as part of his application for the CyprusFlightPass to submit the following information:
Flight details
Purpose of travel
Personal details and contact details
Place of Residence in Cyprus
Contact details in case of emergency

Apart from the information as above, the passenger must make a solemn declaration by which to state conscientiously that all the facts and all the information provided are true. In the contrary case, the passenger shall be deemed liable under penalty of perjury subject the laws of the Republic of Cyprus.

It should be pointed out that it is important for all the areas of the electronic application to be filled in with precision, since their processing is undertaken for reasons of public interest and the protection of public health from the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Even though all passengers are obliged to fill in all their details on-line in the platform, it has been noted that some people complete the forms in handwriting while others do not complete them at all. It has also been noted that certain airline companies, wrongly allow passengers who have not completed their details electronically on the above platform to board the aircraft.

It should be pointed out that one may fill in the form by handwriting only in the case of there being a technical problem or maintenance of the electronic platform, officially announced on the platform.

It is clarified that all passengers, regardless of the country of departure, including passengers who will undergo laboratory testing for COVIC-19 in the Republic of Cyprus, shall be obliged to fill out all the information, details and statements required electronically and to hold a Travel Card (CyprusFlightPass) before boarding the aircraft and at their arrival in the Republic of Cyprus.

In accordance with article 5(2) of the Out-of-Court Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Law of 2020 (35(I)/2020), policemen and authorised officers are empowered to impose an automatic fine of 300 euros on whoever violates the Infectious Diseases Law, Cap. 260 and the Regulations and Decrees issued by virtue of it.

By extension and for the purpose of compliance with the above mentioned legislation, all passengers arriving in the Republic of Cyprus on the early morning flights of 13th July 2020 and thereafter, without possessing the Entry Card (CyprusFlightPass) from the above mentioned website, even if they have completed by handwriting the relevant forms, will be offered two choices: Either to enter the Republic and pay the out-of-court fine of 300 euros, or, to return to the country of their departure.

Moreover, passengers arriving in Cyprus from Category A countries without having in their possession the CyprusFlightPass will be treated as passengers from Category B countries and in addition to the payment of the 300 euro out-of-court fine they shall be obliged to undergo a laboratory testing for the COVID-19 at the corresponding airport of the Republic, meeting also the expense of 60 euros for the laboratory test.

In a recent incident, a passenger entered the Cyprus Republic on a flight from a Category A country, whilst his initial country of departure was a Category C country, without having in his possession the electronic CyprusFlightPass. When asked at the airport of the Republic to fill-in the form in handwriting, so that the Medical Services would have his details, he wrote down the wrong information in respect of his flight details. Following instructions by the Minister of Transport in consultation with the Minister of Health, the said passenger has been reported by the Civil Aviation Department to the Chief of Police for further examination of the case, in order to ascertain whether he has committed any criminal offences.

It must be noted that the specific passenger, when he presented symptoms and underwent privately a laboratory test for COVID-19, whereby proving positive to the virus, he informed the Medical Services that his initial country of departure was a Category C country.

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