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     Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Sofia

     Student Unions

The number of students who study at the state and private universities in Cyprus during the academic year 2008-2009 was 31000. More than 1/3 from them or 11000 were foreign students in Cyprus. During the same academic year 21000 Cypriots studied abroad – 59,2% in Greece, 30,8% in the United Kingdom, 2,3% in the United States and on forth place – Bulgaria with 1,8%. This fact shows the high level of education of the Bulgarian universities. Many Cypriots, in this amount now government officials, graduated Bulgarian universities.
Bulgarians who visited Secondary Schools in Cyprus during the academic year 2008-2009 were 202, and those at the High Schools – 80. This number can increase because many Bulgarian citizens life and work in Cyprus.

The Organisation of Cypriot Students in Bulgaria – FOKV was founded in Sofia in 1970s when many Cypriots worked and studied in Bulgaria. From 2010 the Organization is officially registered as Public Benefit Association.

Main goals of FOKV are:

· popularization of the Cypriot culture in Bulgaria,
· organization of events and celebrations,
· development of the friendly connections with the Bulgarian students and people,
· help to the Cypriot students in Bulgaria for solving different problems,
· preserving the unity of the Cypriot students,
· enlightenment of the Bulgarian people about the Cyprus problem.

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