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     Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Sofia

     Cyprus-Bulgaria Business Associations

Cyprus-Bulgarian Business Association
Cyprus and Bulgaria have developed closer commercial bonds and are expanding their economic relations with the establishment of the Cyprus-Bulgarian Business Association. The main aim of this Association is the promotion, expansion, encouragement of economic, and trade relations between the Republic of Cyprus and the Republic of Bulgaria.

To export Bulgarian products to Cyprus kindly contact the following organizations for assistance:

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Secretary General
38 Gr.Dhigenis Ave. & 3 Deligiorgis Str.
Chamber Building P.O.Box 21455
1509 Nicosia - Cyprus
Tel: 357-22 889600
Fax: 357-22 667433

For immediate information on the Registration and Regulation of International Business Companies, Direct Investment or Cyprus Services please contact the following organizations in Cyprus, which host on their website all pertinent and detailed information:

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism
6A, Araouzos Street
CY-1421 Nicosia - Cyprus
Tel: +357 22 867100
Fax: +357 22 375120
E - Mail:

Central Bank of Cyprus
80 Kennedy Avenue
CY-1076 Lefkosia Cyprus
Tel:+357 22 714100
Fax:+357 22 378153
Web Site:

Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation
30 Grivas Dhigenis Avenue
PO Box 21657
1511 Nicosia - Cyprus
Tel:+357 22 665102
Fax:+357 22 669459
Web Site:

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